Monday, July 30, 2012

How I wish... =3

It takes everything at its best to perform at your peak. If you are talking about badminton, you can never neglect the topic of which racquet do you want. Either the light ones? or the heavy ones? For me, I would desperately wants the racquet that is our Malaysian champion, Dato' Lee Chong Wei holding, which is the Voltric Z force. I have held in one shop before that racquet and I really could feel the power it can unleash. With its thin shaft and heavy head, it surely one smashing racquet which actually suits my type of playing. Even he himself said that, he feels like he can break the shuttlecock when smashing using the racquet. Unfortunately, it is very costy and I can't afford it now. I shall be patient and wait until the right time, and that racquet shall be mine. WAH HAHAHA!!!!

For more info racquests, please go to this link>>>

Form 6 orientation

It has been nearly 2 months since I started form 6. There are a lot of ups and downs happened in these 2 months already so far. But this post I am going to talk about one of the best thing already happened. It all started with the orientation week and I was assigned to one senior. From what I heard from the old boys, they kept on saying that to get her signature, I surely need to sing for her but is my worst case scenario. I am willing to do other things other than singing because my singing is really that bad. *embarrassed* Her name is Fong Suk Zean. One fine day, with pure courage I just went up to her and ask for her signature and nothing happened. Literally nothing. Soon later after that we got closer as I asked her a lot of the form 6 stuffs. She helped me on identifying the Pre-U council members and the class AJKs. As time goes by, orientation finished. Now we got even closer as she always stay back at school to do her homework which more or less is the thing that i always do too. Since i dont have a classroom yet, so every time I will do homework in U6M classroom. That is where I found her out of a sudden. Furthermore, the first time I have ever fetched to her house was such a great experience. I am not really an "Ampang-ian". I just need to go to Ampang area as I need to give my dad's laptop to his colleague which is at Malaysia that time. He lives in Ampang area and so does my senior. So my senior guided me successfully and I sent her back home. Later, another time I fetched her is that during the MBS IU day. What a journey it was.

What I am trying to say is that, senior-junior is a matter should not be taken lightly. Who knows? He or she might be the one to guide you to your 4.0. I have seen some juniors forgetting their seniors' name or the other way around. This is really not good at all. I mean, how can you start your orientation in the first place? Orientation is meant to know seniors more and a proper one. Not just by knowing the face and name only. Well, whats passed is the past and I do not really care about them anymore. They are 18+, they should know what is right or wrong. I am just glad I have such a wonderful senior and she is one person I could never forget. =)

Stayed back and supported the class for the basketball match. 

MBS IU day. She just got the same smile right?... XD


Just suddenly thought of this sad and yet beautiful at the same time memory. It was the prom night of MBSSKL. It was held 2 years ago in Renaissance KL. I was the emcee on the day. I do not really know this is by accident or by fate or what but basically I became the emcee because of the organizers could not find an emcee on time and they decided to choose me since I am one of the youngest going there plus I have experience of being an emcee for school. What I did not know that being an emcee for the different functions need different kind of things such as different tone of voice, facial expressions and words chosen. You see, for an emcee in school, you need to be stern, have sharp eyes so that every student knows that you are looking at him but then for the prom night, everything seems to be more casual. Unfortunately, I ended spoke like a "strict" emcee and everything was awkward there. Very awkward~ Nevertheless, this is my first time and I do hope no one blamed me for my bad conduct of the emcee of the night. Hopefully, I will have thechance to learn more in the future. =)

 Trying to look at the schedule

The organizer beside me

 Their theme for the night

 Nervously talking

 Nice pose right?... =P

Just simply me. 

Oppa... GANGNAM Style!!

Hello everyone! As you all know, i am a kinda a true Kpop fans and i just love kpop so much. One day... i pass by this song which is full of epicness. Even my friends also agree with me. This song is sang by PSY. PSY is from YG entertainment which produces artists like Big Bang, 2NE1 and 7ven. PSY is considered as their upmost senior as he already 30 plus year in age. Although he is fat and not really handsome, but he can catch people's eyes with his charismatic action.Even the dance moves are so easy to learn. Anyone can learn to dance. Haha!!! Take a look at his video. I am very very very to the most very i can sure that you will agree with me. =)

Another thing i would love to do

Hello peeps!! I am here again to share another thing that i love to do. It is actually dancing. It may sound embarrassing but then i actually really love it. I have a lot of what our human body can do especially in a psychomotor way. I just love to watch people dancing. The way our human body move is really a beauty. Thats an art for me. But to really endorse to it in malaysia, is quite difficult as dancing centre is quite hard to find and very costy. Plus, i got my own studies to catch up. The main reason was that so far i don't know any malaysian dancers that can reach international level as in like Quest Crew, Most Wanted crew and many more. But everything chance until this one group came that i passed by while watching Showdown 2011. Yes, they are the Showdown champion last year. THEY ARE!!!!!


They do what their name holds. They really shocked me like electricity. Their moves were sick and internationally recognized. Never before i have seen any malaysian dancers move like them. Regardless of any "fast" or "slow" songs, they can perform in a excellent way. Even a dubstep song can be so nice because of their moves. These are the reasons why i love them and i will forever support them. =)

Favourite move in badminton

Well. I am here to tell that my favourite sports is badminton. Maybe one of the reason i am playing this is because is very popular in our country. But actually my main reason of playing this because it can bond relationships so much. It doesn't need many people to get involved like a football match or even a futsal match and badminton court can be found in most places. One of my favourite player which i love to see him playing is the mighty Fu Haifeng.

He is the most powerful smasher i have ever seen. With smashing speed up to 324km/h , no wonder he is the world champion 3 years in a row. Not only he has a powerful smashing speed but he also have very good attitude. He is not hot tempered at all compared to most of the Chinese players. He is the idol that i look at when i play badminton. That is why when i play badminton, especially mens double, i always take the back role which my responsibility is to smash non stop. Hopefully one day i can see him play right in front of my eyes. *keep my fingers crossed*

Last minute work

As i am typing this right now, i am in VIVA Oldtown updating this. What a last minute work this is to hand in my last minute IT project. Actually i wanted to do this in CoffeeBox as is near my tuition place and near my friend's place, but then the whole area is down on electricity. I managed to drive my friends here in a very fast speed as a lot of homework needed to be passed up today. So encik yusri... our beloved IT teacher, i am doing this for the IT project and i hope you will give me your marks. Thank you. =)